Thursday, September 11, 2008

I can do that

eta - I received a note about the polyvore collages that the links in mine are not working properly to give credit to the appropriate people ( i think i need to go back to school on this one) I respect the all of the inspiring people out there so much that i will be deleting all of the collages until i can figure out how to fix the problem - I apologize to anyone who may have been offended. And I want to thank Jude at spirit cloth for letting me know there was a problem in such a kind and gracious manner. Please go see her beautiful work.

Friday - yes it is Friday. A tough teenage week. She is 15 and she knows everything. I can't send her back. I have to keep her. Grades, boys, sports, homecoming dance attire, you name it we have probably argued about it this week.

Anyway - I have collected these links of "I (you) can do this" items to play with. GO ahead and visit. You will enjoy it. they are giving out the details for the 2009 rock and roll art quilt challenge. Go ahead you know you have danced the night away to some rock ballads in the past. --She has a bracelet giveaway. Go - sign up. She makes wonderful things. You will become a regular and take it from me - she is so worth reading. -- Another MaryAnn giveaway. Punchy things for you paper whores like us. I love this lady so much and I am so fortunate to call her my friend. A part of Somerset Studios family, Jenny gives detail on an art quilt challenge. Go to the magazine site for even more opportunities. Another of my friends, this is another easy giveaway game. I love this site and as a result of reading here, I have increased the number of Guerilla Craft things I just leave around the places I go. Why - BECAUSE BEING NICE REALLY DOES MATTER.

About the collage at the top. Look at the heart, click on the collage and look at it closely, It is made from those string tails that you cut off projects. (just one more reason to save everything.) I love the bedding - mostly in that picture I love the alphabet shams and that red ceiling - just how wonderful is that.

See - I find all this and think "i can do that"

Tonight will find me cross stitching on that top secret project. Maybe revealed next week???? The Softball Princess will be attending her firist Homecoming Dance - we met THAT BOY (real name is Cody) last night. Seems nice enough. We will see.

Tomorrow - softball concessions, then 2 volleyball matches. (((MOM PLEASE BRING ------)))

Sunday - Church - lunch - volleyball .

Anybody see time for a nap in there???

Have a great weekend.

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