Monday, September 29, 2008

600 - a weekend update and a giveaway

We had a great weekend. The Softball Princess had a date on Friday night - they went to see Lakeview Terrace. She enjoyed it. I am not sure it the kind of movie I would like. College Freshamn had a match. We had a Friday night with no plans. So what did we do???? Took off to the Flats Bar to see these guys.
The Man at My Address' baby brother - John is the lead vocalist for the Reservoir Dogs. It was fun. I sing a pretty good drunk girl backup myself - but only sang for two songs - we visited and drank a few beers and generally relaxed. I am sharing picture so that the girls can grab them off of here. Dennis if you are interested right click - they are not protected. (note to dennis - when I find the superman pictures I'll share the rest of that story. )

A few folks from the evening.
Rich and his wife, Chrystal.

Tony and his Sweetie, Kristy.

JW Hell - himself. My Brother inlaw. I absolutely adore this guy. The hat is a nice touch.

Cain - quiet. I don't think I have ever heard him say anything.

John and Libby. He says she's normal - let' just say - you need to be a little nuts to join this crew. She is soooo pretty.

The next two are a variation on a Flats Tradition. Note this is a rural Georgia Biker Bar. The kind of place that there is no way you would just stop at to have a drink. We love the people here. The bartenders are fabulous. I have never been uncomfortable here. One of my favorite places to party. The College Freshman will be going with us the next trip. 18 to party 21 to drink and she is now 18 - she can drive us home. I cannot believe I have a child old enough for this activity.

Now for the pictures.

At the end of the night, the tradition is for the ladies in attendance to dance on the bar (I have NEVER participated in this activity) , but Friday night finds our singer up there too.

Tall good looking rock star boy did okay - check out the bills in the waistband of his pants. Also check out the tattoo - it is one of the best I have ever seen - an old fashioned "crooner" type of microphone. Love it.

We had a blast and like all these years, we will be back in just a few weeks.

Now for post 600 - in addition to the activity of my weekend, I finished a few things. Including this altered composition book (below). Nothing done to the interior but the front is embellished with a few of my favorite things. A medallion from those recycled cards, vintage bits and bobs, some stamps and floral embellishments too.

You know how it works - leave a comment - get entered. I pick one out of the hat (or some other vessel) on Friday at lunchtime.

Have a wonderful day.


Laura said...

Fun!!! You should have seen the bar I ended up at when I was talked into going to see my BFF's husband play. Wow. Talk about a fish out of water... :)

Lannae Johnson said...

Sounds like a fun time. I just wish you would consider dancing on the bar for once! Would love to win the composition book - looks great!

ellen said...

What a fun weekend and good for you to let loose! I'll bet the music was fantastic.

JW said...

What a weekend! the happiest I've been in a long time! Thanks for the prayers everybody...they have been answered.

see you there! said...

Maybe Blogger needs a fancy cocktail. It has been treating me badly today for sure.

Love the journal, toss my name in the whatever it is you are going to draw from, ok?


Carrie said...

Ya know, that journal would make a great baby book......

Roxie said...

That looks fun. I love your new studio. Thanks for the encouragement to dream. Please enter me in your drawing.