Friday, September 05, 2008

strange and stranger

I am off today - which is obviously not obvious to some showroom customers. I was going to take off just the afternoon, but I decided to take the whole day. A customer just called my cell phone - not a contractor or a plumber - no - a showroom customer who wanted me to help him select his fixtures today. He is in the showroom - I am at home waiting for the couple we will ride with - and he is walking around asking me how much things are.

I just completed the first stage of a whole house selection process over the phone.

The customer had a notepad. He described the material and where he was in the store. I told him what the product was and the description he need to write down so that I can complete a quote for him on Monday. I'm thinking with a little more technology installed in the store I can work at home in my pj's.

The fact that I have chosen to sell toilets as my career is strange, but completing a showroom consultaion AND it resulting in a happy customer is even stranger.

We are off to Columbus - but I have a request. Hop over to my friend Lannae's Place and leave her a comment please. Welcome her to blogland. We all remember how great those first few comments felt.

Have a great weekend

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