Friday, July 11, 2008

About Max

I joined Max as a part the extended Atkinson clan in 1980. He joined a few years before me. The Max I knew love sports, loved his family, took pride in his work, and loved life. Smart, funny, driven, wise, patient, (and impatient) with a smile that lit up his face.

He always had that frat boy attitude about him, and he ragged Bulldawg red and black folks continually about Georgia Tech. We all publicly celebrated his oldest daughter going to UGA and then he got the last jab in when she applied and was accepted to GaTech as well.

Yesterday - we celebrated his life. In all honesty, when we found out about the leukemia, most of us never expected him to lose the battle. Determined - he was that. Focused - that as well. Faith - he never lost that. The ability to see past his place in the "cancer arena" and encourage those around him - he continually shared that gift.

Husband to Lynda - father of three girls, Laura, Allison, Madison - he never stood the change of being anywhere on time - unless he went alone. He built a company, he raised a family, he loved a wife, he had an impact on many, he left a legacy. He will be missed by oh so very many.

Someone even arranged for his life to be celebrated in full Georgia Tech Jackets style. It was a little bizarre to be taking fun pictures at a funeral. But Max would have been amused.

(Maddie on the other side of the car, Lynda in the drivers seat, Laura on running board, Alli on ground)

As people were sharing stories, I though of one we will tell forever. Remember, Max was a frat boy through and through. Shirt and tie comfortable guy, golf shirt and kahki pants. Well Lynda's youngest brother is a rock star (his description of himself) and his band was playing at a nearby pub one weekend while Lynda and Max were visiting home. we are talking the kind of place where some might ask for a knife or gun at the door. Rural north Georgia -good ole boys place called the Sub and Pub in Elberton GA. We rounded Max up some jeans and a flannel shirt, and baseball cap and took him with us. I just remember Charles or Alan telling him " every now and then tip your hat and shout HELL YEA." He was a great sport and we had a wonderful time that night.

It doesn't matter what the event is - there has to be family pictures. Sad part - Molly is standing on the floor in flats and I am up one step and wearing 2 inch heels. Not even funny.

We will miss you Max - you touched our lives in such a wonderful way. Please don't try to influence the man upstairs to give Tech the advantage --


Anonymous said...

What a great tribute to our familie's MAX.....We all are so blessed to have had him in our dear family for 30 years. Oh, such an inspirational person he was. Max made such a tremendous mark in this world before God called him home. We shall dwell on so many precious memories until we meet again....Herbert & Ann.

Anonymous said...

Max was more than a brother-in-law to me...he was truly my brother. I will miss him dearly. A one-of-a-kind person for sure.
Thanks Teresa for such a wonderful tribute to Max. I certainly hope Lynda has his blog published some day soon. Your tribute should be added to that as well.
Isn't it a great thing when family's love each other and stand behind one another.
Max, we will miss you dearly during our final days here, but look forward to seeing you again...until we meet again...
Your "Bro" (Max always referred to me as that) from Conyers,

Laura said...

I'm pretty sure Tech will cream UGA in November this year if Dad has anything to do with it!