Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Thrifting motherload

First my favorite VBS picture yet. Miss Sonya and Missy Margo. 17 days until Margo arrives and Sonya is leading a group of VBS kids. They insisted that Margo have her own name badge. How cute is this. Sonya is a beautiful pregnant lady - me - I just looked like a beached whale.

Now for the real reason we are here. MaggieGrace Goodies. I strolled through Goodwill late last week. Collecting storage jars for the studio - they generally have a huge number of those glass ones. Way back in the corner, I spied a bundle of lace trims. Look.....
I had to buy them all bundled together - 10.00 for the entire pile and there must be 250 yards or more of them.
This one is a favorite - little scalloped roses. It is some sort of synthetic mix.

Cotton scalloped trim. I'll be cutting into this soon. Sometimes you gotta plan a project just because a material is screaming to be used.

The red more than likely will never be used. It is fringed pillow trim.

Now a question - I am known for handmade baby gifts. A precious couple will be marrying this fall and I want to give them something handmade. They are active Methodist Church members and the Chrismon tree is part of the Christmas tradition. I have the patterns for cross stitch Chrismon symbols. In your thinking would it be an appropriate gift to include a set of the Chrismon ornaments with the gift to this young couple? I want the gift to have a meaning to them that they will remember the love of their friends

Help - I am at a loss with this.

Have a wonderful day.


Carrie said...

Chrismon ornaments would be appropriate. Do they currently live together? One of the neatest presents I've seen was to a couple who had never lived together and it was a box full of Christmas basics. Lights, ornaments, tinsel, wrapping paper, tags, bows--the works all packed in a big rubbermade.

I love when you do shadowboxes and placks....could you do something with their wedding invantation?

Melanie said...

Great score! I love the little cotton trim. I need to go buy some of that for a little-girl nightshirt I'm working on.

Karen at Junking in Georgia said...

they'll love anything you do for them... who wouldn't? in my mho the Chrismon ornaments while very beautiful are very formal.. would you mix them with more everyday Christmas stuff? You could always do a first Christmas together 2008 ornament they could hang on their tree very year... what ever you do be sure you put the year on it ... I love pulling out stuff and seeing the year I got it ......

see you there! said...

Great suggestions here and I agree some sort of Christmas "box" with your lovely hand mades would be a treasure for years to come.