Thursday, July 31, 2008

if you knew....

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If you knew that you life would contain challenges, would you sit on the couch and hide?

If you knew about betrayal, would you even try to trust?

If you knew that cancer would change everything in you world, would you avoid the doctor's office?

If you knew that job would end with you walking out and no real plan what to do, would you not take that job?

If you knew that knock on the door was a friend bring horrible news, would you pretend you were not at home?

If you knew that the phone was ringing with sadness, would you let it go to the machine?

If you knew that the opportunity was going to force you way beyond your comfort level, would you turn your back?

If you knew that child would test every limit you set, would you choose to stay barren?

If you knew love would hurt, would you remain all alone?

If you knew ------

Well at this point in my life - I know - all those things and so much more. When you first go into a situation you are blind to the negatives. Every situation has promise and sometimes those promises are broken. Let me give you the perspective now to each of those questions....

Challenges - the early death of a father - failing health of my mom - endless trips to the hospital with my nanny - a child to the er - BLESSINGS - too many to list - singing to my nanny and knowing that my voice was a comfort to her. Watching my injured child encourage her teammates - evn when she cannot play.

Betrayal - no specifics to list but the internet was involved - BLESSING - learning the heart's capacity to forgive can grow just like the heart's capacity to love.

Cancer - if you cruise through the archives you will find that whole story - the blessing - recognizing just how precious every moment really is. And oh so happy this came before the betrayal, because the lessons learned here sure helped the blessings occur there.

A bad job decision - in my heart I knew I really did not fit there - they were not family oriented nor loyal to employees, the BLESSING - my best friend worked there too - had I not been there - this friendship would never have happened.

The knock on the door -a friend coming to get us when my Dad was killed - the BLESSINGS again too many to list, but the love and friendship of so many people has been recognized over and over.

The ringing of the phone - many times - BLESSING - along with the sadness comes the opportunity to encourage and console many -

Opportunity - that knock comes again and again - the knowledge that responding to the call will help someone else amazing. VBS was exhausting, but watching a child in friendship with the Lord is a heart expanding feeling.

Children - everytime I watch my girls make a good decision, extend a caring gesture, succeed at something they are trying to do, return the love we give them, those BLESSINGS erase any negative actions I have witnessed from those same girls.

Love- sure sometimes there is pain - loss - challenge - but being alone would cause so much cynical behavior.

Now if you knew how much joy and happiness would be sprinkled among all that other would you jump at the chance to do it all again - yeah buddy - I will.

One final perspective - JESUS KNEW - he knew people would not listen to his teachings. He knew he would be betrayed. He knew those closest to Him would be the ones to hurt Him the most. He knew the real reason for His birth was the ultimate, painful, humiliation of being crucified. He also knew that the people He was doing this for, might not even appreciate and accept the gift He offered. AND EVEN IN KNOWING _ HE WAS CRUCIFIED FOR ME AND FOR YOU. He willingly sacrificed His life -

Just remember - HE KNEW.

Deep in thought about some things today -

Have a wonderful day.


Roxanne said...

Awesome post today Teresa! Thanks.

Laura said...

Ummm... I have waited a really long time. Make a comment about my hair!!! (Or lack thereof.) :)

Love you!

see you there! said...

Life is full of surprises, some happy and some not so. I wouldn't have it any other way. I wouldn't want to *know*.

Great post.