Thursday, July 24, 2008

More fun

Last night had us making headbands, coloring on our mission book pages, tonight is the last night of VBS for the year. Tomorrow night I rest........

I have that fatigue migraine this morning. Not a full raging one, but enough to be in the medicine bottle. Tonight we clean up - haul it all home - put it away tomorrow night.

I am enjoying this mindless craft project. Everyone who sees these has commented about how much they like them. More recycled card gift tags. A finish nail that I fit into an xacto blade holder became an awl to punch the smaller holes on these.

Crocheted with the tiny thread that I thrifted and bedspread cotton. The little rabbits and the trees are about 1-1/2 inch circles.

A close up of the punch embroidery thread on this one. The gold glitter stuff is wound around the white. Again - these are quick and mindless and after I make it through the box we discovered - there will be more, because I have big bags of cards at home. I may make some tiny gift boxes using the paper globe pattern from Heather Baileys place

Flowers and buttons - paper too. The colors are perfect.

Another one - different buttons.

That's what we have fallen into calling my studio - I squealed with glee at this emerging from the gift wrap. A birthday present from one of my favorite people in all my favorite colors. Thank you - thank you - thank you. This will be hung in MaggieGraceWorld before the weekend is over.

Have a great day everyone.


Anonymous said...

Great idea for recycling cards...rather than toss, we should save for Teresa!! H & A.

i am very mary said...

I'm so glad you love it! I had a feeling that you'd have the perfect place for it in the studio;) I just love you!