Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Doing her own thing

Blue shorts - a 1999 soccer shirt - a red stretchy belt - and some orange thing tied in her hair. Paint in a bowl - and sitting on the floor of the studio. The mix cd includes - 80's rock - 70's disco - some 50's wonderful harmony - alternative music - and a couple of her Uncle Johns renditions of some popular music. She quite happily drives a vehicle older than she is. Prefers cute little flats over heels any day - and at damn near 6 feet tall and a size 5 - can wear anything she chooses rather well.

What do you do with this bohemian personality? I choose to love her and tell her over and over how proud I am of her. She is an individual and I am so freakin proud of her and the softball princess. As different as night and day, but they are close to one another. I watched them a lot over the weekend - especially at the hospital - as they snuggled in a chair together.

People notice them both. Boys look at them (a source of fear in the man at my address's heart). They have no idea how much they are going to miss one another this fall. The graduate is beginning to be clingier as the time approaches for her to leave - reality is sinking in. The softball princess has staked full claim on her room and is picking out paint colors and new furniture arrangements. Friendly competition over room rights - a full blown battle over the wardrobe. We asked the softball princess if she would be helping us move Molly into her dorm room - her answer - "oh yes because I'll need to make sure she didn't take any of my clothes or shoes." Too funny.

The softball princess has one more travel tournament (which she will not be playing in) this weekend. She gets the pins out of her hand next Tuesday. Let me brag on her too. The only practice she missed was one that coincided with her surgery follow up appointment. Despite not being able to do any thing at practice, she has been up early and at all her workouts and practice. She is chomping at the bit to be back on the field. She has not chosen to lay around and feel sorry for herself, instead she shows up and is an encourager and inspiration to her coaches and teammates. I love that quality in her.

MaggieGrace has to appear here. Another goodie from my Mother-in-Law. She teases me about loving this old junk. Oh well - lets say that i am true to myself and yes I do love this old stuff. A tin bread box - this thing was nasty - I scrubbed it up last night and left it open to dry. I'll be stuffing it with ribbon spools that will not fit on the ribbon box I repurposed.

Tonight I move those ribbons and some more stuff out of the brown cabinet - confession - there is no way all this is gonna fit. I also have to complete some of the butterflies to take with me on Thursday.

Hope this finds everyone having a wonderful day.


ellen said...

They are both clearly beautiful...clear to the bone lovely, inside and outside, true to themselves and to each other. There is no greater blessing!

i am very mary said...

Please tell Abby I said Happy Birthday! Her present is late and will be arriving with yours!