Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Winners post

So I got local best friend to look at the photo captions - per this post - and he chose Laura's caption. However - I laughed and giggled at all of them - so will the following people shoot me an email with your snail mail addy - and I will send you a small goody as well. - Karen (Junking in Georgia), Ellen, Carrie, Roxie. My email addy is available on my profile. (I actually could hear myself saying with sarcasm - Karen's comment. )

Now for goodies - the graduate has the camera so I pulled these from the stash folder on the computer. Last time we were at my in-laws - Ann sent home a pile of goodies - including this unassuming looking plastic bag.

Brown paper bag - from Mama Norvans stuff. She was the pro at recycling. She would turn the bread bag inside out and wash it to use for food storage. I think that behavior came from growing up during the depression.

Anyway - I sidetracked. The bag contains the pattern and three partially assembled blocks for what I thought was a cathedral window quilt. But this seems to be in reverse. I found a link to a lady who does wonderful variations on this pattern - go take a look - Shelly's Studio. The only thing I can find describing this variation (and no pictures at all) calls it a Secret Garden pattern.

I'll be attempting this.

I love these vintage fabrics - look at the details.

The green fabric one reminds me of an Amy Butler print.

Normally this kind of thing would be framed and displayed at my house, but for now, I'll be leaving this as is, so that I have the details in a way that I can "see" how the crap to put this together.

Looks like a great travel project to me.

Now - for those who may still be with me. Local Best Friend has a real name - Randy - he's on the right in this picture and today is his birthday. He is the kind of friend everyone should have. He thinks things through when asked for advice. He would rescue us off the side of the road in a heartbeat. Since my mom's stroke, I have asked for him to be the emergency contact person for both my girls. He loves his family, he loves his friends, he has a public faith statement and follows through when he feels God's nudge. He has old fashioned values that often are unheard of this day and age, his word and handshake are all that previous generations intended them to be. A genuinely good and kind person. I am fortunate to have him as my friend. I am fortunate that I took the time to listen to him one night as he talked about losing his Mom many years ago. I am fortunate to have his impact on my life and on the life of my girls. (Because he absorbs most of the bitching - they should be thankful too - mom is much more sane because of him) He never tells me "just what I want to hear", but will tell me the truth as he sees it, with integrity and no malice at all. He will encourage me, he will build me up, he is MaggieGrace's most loyal supporter, but he will also kick my butt when it's needed. He makes me think. All this and so so much more.

I respect him, I trust him, and I am glad to have him as a buddy.

Happy Birthday - my friend - may you have many more. We are so blessed to have you in our lives.

Okay MaggieGrace readers - pay tribute to a friend today. Remind them how blessed you are to have them.

Have a wonderful day.


Laura said...

Woo hoo! I am funny! ;) You don't have to send me anything, it just popped into my head.

Its almost our birthdays too! Hooray for my car insurance going down!

Roxie said...

If you type "free fonts" into Google, all kinds of links to free fonts will appear. I've had good luck with most of those sites.

Love the goodies you've found.