Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Sorry about the pop star song reference - could not help it. For the next several days - MaggieGrace will be without photos - Dover images. Seems the lightning that took out the wiring in the barn also wiped the internal memory of the camera. That will be the 3rd digital camera we have killed.
Bad news this morning - the Softball Princess has been released to run and field grounders - and throw - but no batting or position playing. She is so ticked off. Dad took her to the doctor this morning. The assistant saw her, because of the doctor's car accident, and has decided to err on the side of caution. The result - one unhappy third baseman. I am kind of glad dad has her - although mom will ultimately have to deal with it.
The graduate goes for a TB test today - the last medical part of getting ready for college.
Wednesday night is laptop shopping. Thursday is supplies (paper pens etc.) Then a weekend of enjoying each others company. MaggieGrace is working, just no good way to document the progress.
Have a great Monday all -


see you there! said...

That's a shame about the camera. I guess you are lucky the lightning didn't do anything worse. You'll have lots of things to take photo's of when you get back into it.


i am very mary said...

Yes, but have you purchased the Nair yet? Because really, there's no time to shave legs properly when beginning college. Nair.