Thursday, July 03, 2008


I love the hunt. I love the thrill of the discovery. I love the feeling of spying something that fits and that look to see if anyone is watching who might try to take it away from me. Fellow thrifters, junkers, antiquers - you know exactly what I am describing.

When Mama Norvan passed away, I became the proud owner of a single plate in a needlepoint floral pattern out of her stuff. I have no idea why there was only one plate. But that is how this collection started.

In all honesty, I got the plate because I am the cross stitch (crafty) one in the family. Also, I thought it would be fun to build a set - a little at the time.

I now can have a small gathering using this china. Yes it is mis-matched. But it all works together. I have bought single pieces for many years now.

Note the basket patterned salad plate does not exactly match the creamer pattern. Some have fluted edges, some are plain, some silver, some gold.

The short, fat salt shakers are even a different pattern. I have just the lid to a serving bowl displayed in the kitchen. I thought it would fit the bowl in the picture below, but it doesn't. It is still pretty and I enjoy looking at it.

I only have one of the tall skinny shaker in the back of the pictures - the last time it was used to sprinkle powdered sugar on some desserts. It's pretty and it makes me smile to look at it.

There's even a soup bowl with a handle - only one of those and look another DIFFERENT pattern on some coffee cups.

That's a tiny hand mirror - laying there that struck my fancy. The folded paper crane is one of many made for me by the Softball Princess. The colors work and I like the effect of a nest that the bowl makes.

Oh and look - the sugar bowl does not exactly match the creamer.

Some people would be bothered by all that variety. Not me. Many of these items were gifts. Many were discovered on adventures with friends and family. Some were discovered on a day when I needed time alone just to be with my thoughts. There is a story held in this china cabinet.

There is a story represented in my life as well. My friends and family are even more varied that this collection. Young, old, many races, male, female, short, fat, single, married, divorced, I could go on and on describing them. Some are whole and healthy, some broken, some ill. Some give me so much - others need me so much. Some I get to see and hug, snuggle with on occasion -- some are newfound cyber friends that I can only hope to meet in person one day. But all are on that list of people, I call friends. And every one of them is important to me.

As the graduate moves on in her life, I know her circle of friends is about to become larger. I love her heart so much. She will open herself to friends from all walks and places in life. She will be a great friend to those she chooses and those who choose her. That makes me extremely proud of her. Right now there is a little boy in the daycare area named Conner. She may never see this little one anymore after this summer. But he touched her. He colored a picture for her dorm room. Unlike many people I know - this mattered to her. She has it in the stack of things to hang on the walls of her room. Conner may never know whether she hung it or not, but, as she put it, she will know and that matters to her. Again I say - I love her heart.

The softball princess is about to enter some of the most difficult years of growing up. She has an incredible group of friends around her - those with involved parents who are her friends as well. I am thankful for that too. She has made wonderful decisions about friends so far and seems to have her head screwed on straight. I love that too.

I am in a strange place mentally and emotionally right now. I am celebrating the variety of my friendship circle. I am watching my girls add variety to theirs. The most important thing -- I am watching my relationship with my girls become more of a friendship than it has ever been. They will soon be adding additional variety to my friendship circle and I to theirs.

And right now I am celebrating the fact that there seems to be very little in my life worthy of a Jerry Springer episode.

Have a wonderful 4th --


Karol said...

Life takes it's twists and turns as our children get older and make strong friends... they start to value time with them and we start to have more time to develop our own friendships again. Beautiful china!! Karol

Vallen said...

I have never seen those before anywhere. What a lovely collection - especially for someone with needlework skills like you.

Anonymous said...

Pretty needlepoint floral pattern china. The fact that every piece is'nt an exact match makes it a very interesting collection. It is beautiful and you have a story to tell about each piece. Ann

Anonymous said...

Pretty needlepoint floral pattern china. The fact that every piece is'nt an exact match makes it a very interesting collection. It is beautiful and you have a story to tell about each piece. Ann

see you there! said...

What a great collection, isn't it a whole lot more fun to pick up pieces bit by bit than it is to walk into a big box store somewhere and buy a "set"?