Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Just fun stuff

Trying hard to focus on getting things sorted and organized in the studio. Aside from the temps inside being uncomfortable right now (saving up for an AC unit), it is a fabulous place to work or just hang out. Once I get everything moved and put away, it will be so nice to work out there. I have discovered that I am going to need some additional shelving added close to the ceiling for those items that I seldom use.

Over the weekend, Beth dropped this off in the barn. Look at the font that the words "photograph album" are written in. Any idea about where I can find this font to add to my computer? Loving this.

More fun stuff. I am adding ribbon spools to that cabinet. Performing a sort of inventory as I go. Putting duplicates in that bread tin and marking the matching one in the cabinet with a note saying that I have duplicate spools in the box. Maybe I won't have the urge to buy so readily and then have duplicates that I don't need.

As I have sorted and put away, I have found and combined several collections. After putting a few heart shaped brooches in a small basket, I decided that I wanted to be able to see them readily. The lace that I glued around the perimeter of the box provided the perfect spot for this display. Look at my hearts - above and below - all gifts from online buddies and/or local friends.

Since I have decided that all MaggieGrace art will have a heart motif included, this is a very appropriate collection for me. I do love being able to glance over my shoulder and be reminded of love and blessings.

Now, about the picture below, this was a fun rediscovery. Forgot I had these, but aren't they pretty in all their pastel goodness. I set these to the side so I can find a clear gallon jug to store them in. I want to see these colors for a little while. Just so very pretty.

I can see me adding these to a Rebecca Sower style piece

Having a difficult time wrapping my head and heart around the events this week. I have found myself aimlessly staring and just being still and quiet as I process all of this. The studio move has been a welcome distraction.

Many years ago everything I worked on was dark and moody, but for the last several years I have seen my work go to a lighter and more positive format. I can feel the urge to create some darker stuff again. Does everyone have the "mood swings" in their work or am I the only crazy one in the bunch?

Have a wonderful day.


i am very mary said...

Nah, I'm moody, too. I used to be into the whole grungy thing. Now I'm all about polka dots and pink. And making birthday gifts for my dear friend's studio. That she will just love. ;)

Elizabeth Prata said...

Font, close but not exact:Morgow?

Chelsea Studio?

see you there! said...

Your studio is getting quite organized.

As for style? I can only do the pastel/pretty/sentimental stuff so much then I have to do at least one "edgy" piece - even if I never share it.