Friday, July 18, 2008

Snipes and snails and puppy dog tails

That's what little boys are made of. For many years, I have been just a participant in the showers at the church. The pastor's wife had a knack for doing the decorating and hostessing and I happily stepped aside. They have been moved to another church by the powers that be and last night we had the first shower since they moved.

I was asked to handle decorations and centerpiece. Melissa Compton Williams grew up in the church and is expecting her first little blessing - a boy.

This second of a three event week at the church, I worked until midnight on Wednesday finishing this.

Very inexpensive ladies and it turned out really cute.

Styrofoam blocks from the dollar store. Teddy bear plastic picks and stuffies same place. Childs board books - again the same.

I covered the blocks with boy appropriate scrapbook papers (from the stash). Turns out that was the most tedious part. I started with gel glue, but soon gave up and plugged in my glue gun.

(Side trip here - for years I had a craftsman brand glue gun with a push through operation - I loved it - you can control the amount almost perfectly minimizing the "spider web" issue. It burned out and I replaced it with a craftsman trigger style - I HATE IT. Does anyone know where I can find the push through type of glue gun?)

I cut 2 circles of foamboard (stash supply) and covered them in the paper as well.

On the top one I stacked those blocks - I was using some highly specialized tools on my work surface. The lazy susan from my counter on top of a cooler gave me the ability to turn this and get everything balanced. The block stack is held together with wooden toothpicks (I keep a huge box in my stash - amazing the uses you find)

The books were stood up on the bottom tier. Look carefully at this photo. This particular assembly caused riotous laughter at the end of the night last night as I was taking the stuff apart and sending the bears and books home with Mom-to-Be.

I was holding the empty circle with those blocks (to the left of the book and holding the book on the side) and the paper clips (in the front of each book). I spoke to Maria and said - "do you know what you do at midnight and realize that you need some kind of bracket to hold the books." The new pastor, Susan, is standing there and said "you just HAD little wooden blocks at your house?" Thus began a huge discussion of my hoarding habits.

Yes, Susan, I just HAD little wooden blocks at my house. And beads. And ribbon. And paper. And lace. And _____. And ______. And____. Those of you who know me well know that I can fill those three and many more blanks.

The little plastic bears got collars of ribbon and were just stuck into the blocks as filler.

Here's a full shot of the thing on the table - The stuffed bears are tied to loops made from paper clips. There are tiny wires holding the top tier onto the looped handle of the books.

To continue the theme - I found three more books and set them onto the table between the plastic ware holders.

We had a wonderful time - the atmosphere was festive and fun. Several of Melissa's friends were there with their toddlers. In all honesty, they were adorable, but I am so glad that I am beyond those little ones. As difficult as being the mom of teens is, I would not trade it for anything.

Tonight is an off night - I have to make a grocery store run - major. and then tomorrow we set up for VBS crafts. I'll be leading that group from Sunday evening through Thursday next week. Then we start the serious packing for the college girl. The August 10 move in date looms -----

Have a wonderful weekend.


ellen said...

So creative and so cute!
Have a wonderful weekend.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Apparently you're the perfect person for this job! It looks great.

Anonymous said...

Good cute decorations!! AnnA.

see you there! said...

You did a bang up decorating job. What I loved best was the Pastor's surprise that you had (fill in the blank) in your stash. We all know you have at least one of everything in there, LOL!


Loving Her Beautiful said...

Hi, Teresa,
Thanks for your recent note on my blog -- I'm glad you enjoyed it! And congratulations on the shower! Your creations are beautiful, and I'm sure they will be unforgettable!
Blessings, BILL