Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Jeepers Peepers

The graduate took herself to the eye doctor yesterday. She has astigmatism so bad that until the latest round of contacts, was not even a candidate for contact lens wear. The newest soft lenses are designed for her particular problem and even though they are a huge issue to put in her eyes (they are physically huge lenses and are weighted on the bottom), she is so freakin happy. We are just hopeful this keeps being the case and these are actually the correct prescription and work out like they need to.

Last night at VBS -( l-r) - Softball Princess - the Graduate - NayNay

We cleaned out a cabinet at the church on Saturday. The pastors office is in the old preschool Sunday School room. I found a box full of greeting card cutouts that Mrs.Hester gave to us. I had spotted some gift tags at a craft show that were made from card cutouts and card stock bits. I kept going back to those tags that day.

Last night we had a block of extra time to just sit at VBS - so I used the highly technical tools available (a roll of masking tape, a sharpie, handheld punch) and the craft bag of yarn from my truck - and made these.

I am pleased with how they turned out. The cross one is about an 1-1/2 too big to effectively work on without bending it in the process. I'll be doing some smaller ones too with a tiny awl punch and those threads I have been making flowers out of.
This one is my favorite so far. It is an original watercolor and was painted by a lady in the church. I can see many adaptations of this happening. It is a perfect mindless travel bag project and softball and volleyball season looms near.

About the gift inquiry from yesterday. To Karen - Chrismons are a rather formal presentation - I will box then seperately and add text in the box lid about what the symabol means. She will more than likely use an ornament tree to display them on her dining table. Darla and Carrie - You actually fell right in with my thinking - a big rubbermaid tote with the handmade gift, several light strings, some gift wrap and tissue, some solid color ornaments, some handstamped and crochet tags. Melanie - I will happily share my trims - just email me and let me know.

Have a wonderful day all.


Anonymous said...

PRETTY GIRL!! You can tell Molly is happy about contacts!! H & A.

Anonymous said...

Pretty Abby & NayNay are excited for Molly. Lovely threesome with pretty smiles. H & A.

Laura said...

Thank you. I love you!