Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Warning - graphic medical photos follow

The softball princess got those pins out this morning. She was quiet and reserved on the way to the doctor's office.

I always make the earliest appointment possible and we were in the exam room in no time.

They cut the cast off - the nurse was amazed at how clean she had kept it.

And now we wait -

Off to xray to confirm that everything is really ready.

They left it all covered up - those little yellow balls were to keep the pins from catching inside the cast.

Then the nurse shows up with the tools for the extraction - plain old pliers.

Abby's comment ---- " they aren't even special"

Dr. Moye was stunned about the camera.

The pins slipped right out. No anesthsia required. She was good about all of it. We even kept the pins and the little beads.

It was only after being fitted for the removable brace, getting checked out and a new appointment set, and leaving the building, that she proclaimed she was going to be sick. Poor thing the adrenaline rush of the whole thing got her. Including puking in the landscaping.

Things we were not expecting

1. The doc telling her that she could begin "fondling" her bat and playing with as many balls as possible. (giggles all around and glares from mom)

2. Good grief that arm stinks.

3. The complete "unspecial" nature of the tools used.

She will be glad to scrub that arm tonight. I am glad this is almost over.

Have a great day everyone.....


Carrie said...

Happy Birthday right back at you! I knew it was soon, but I couldn't remember which day it was! I hope you have a wonderful day.

Anonymous said...

Brave Abby!...ouch real pliers!! We are happy that you have come this far on the road to recovery. Keep up on keeping on; you'll soon be good as new. We love you so very much, "G"-Daddy & "G"-Mother.