Monday, July 28, 2008

shadow dancing

Shadow Dancing - that is what I felt like this weekend. Have I rested - not even? Lightning got the electrical in my studio. Fortunately no fire - just lights to replace. Mom and I were out there working when it happened. There were sparks and smoke and elevated heart rates. I did move a ton of fabric out there and still have more. Getting there.

We worked at the softball field on Saturday. Sunday did include a tiny nap, but I cannot turn my brain off.

The photo above is from a flickr member and I believe it is from an Anthropologie window. I am so inspired by their catalog and stores. Unbelievable interpretations on a theme.

Karen - from Junking in Georgia left a comment that made so much sense to me and leaves me trying to explain a little more about Friday's post. Thousands of parents are struggling with the process of sending that first child away to college. I know that others around me are feeling some of my same emotions, I have just chosen to be honest and open about it. It is one of the many milestones they face and one that I am so proud of for this one. She is an academic scholarship recipient and that is an honor she worked so hard for.

Molly has worked all summer to put away spending money for the year and we will help her with money all along.

The overwhelming part is the piles and the lists and the "do not forgets". We spent over 100 dollars yesterday getting a medicine kit and personal items together. Let me tell all of you readers - there is much laughter and giggling about all of this as we do it. While I am struggling with this - the memories will be overwhelmingly positive. She is anxious as well (about things like laundry and cleaning the toilet) but we are really having fun doing all of this. It just piles up at times. I have always communicated the entire process of things with both my girls and this is no different. Both have expressed their gratitude for my doing this, because it has shown them that adults may not always have it all together. It has also taught them that putting a voice to an issue allows that issue to be worked through. I tried to take a picture of the mountain of stuff in my dining room, but the camera is giving me problems this morning.

Abby will have the benefit of being the second to go through all this, because now we have the lists made. The only real challenge in that is my keeping up with those lists.

I am in a better place mentally today - Local Best Friend made the decision he has been debating. I can see that we are close to being ready with all the stuff for school. I now just have to focus on the latest glitch - Abby's surgeon had a terrible accident and now we have to find out about the schedule on her appointment.

I did take a tiny bit of time just to play this weekend. Music and dance are always important to me and there was enough of that to take the edge off the "i do not want to be mommy today" feeling.

Have a wonderful day all.


Anonymous said...

Good to know that today you are in a better place mentally....Friday was certainly a down day. Molly is an intelligent young lady and she will do well as she goes to further her education. Yes, many of us parents have gone through this process & everything went well. You ALL will miss her but count your blessings and pray for her. Place her in God's hand. She will make her mark where ever she is. God will take care. Love you all so much. H & A.

Carrie said...

I'm so glad you are feeling better about things! It's very scary to feel overwelmed--one of my fears anyway......

Are you going to get a lighting rod for the studio?