Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Who -- me???

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She can do that - Molly can't. We call it the puppy dog face and the Softball Princess has it perfected. When she was tiny, everyone thought it was so cute. Now she uses it as an ice breaker when a situation gets tense. The Freshman tries it and just looks silly. It's one of those family things that is so funny when it occurs.

MaggieGrace moved MORE fabric to the studio last night. Serious stash issues here. I honestly can craft for years without buying materials except glue and thread. I am making more of those recycled card tags with the crochet edgings - these babies are quite addicting and it is utilizing my stash. I also started a project last night in response to a call for entries in a Somerset publication. More on that later.

The studio - will get a serious amount of attention this weekend - the last weekend of sanity before the fall ball season starts. I have painting to finish in there - the last of the ceiling tiles to put up. There is still a tremendous amount of work to go before it is really ready to be called finished, but I go out there several nights a week and work. I can find things so much easier since I have been so careful about putting them away in an organized fashion. I have also discovered that both girls like to work out there for the same reasons.

Hope you don't mind more old and/or edited photos until we get the camera dealt with.

Have a wonderful day.

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