Wednesday, July 16, 2008

because I did not plug my brain in

Good morning all. I have no photos of my own to share today so I snagged a few to go with this post.

First - Monday was my birthday. No reference to which one. 29 and holding. I am now the same age as my mama.

I was treated to chinese food - I got brakes for my truck (whoo hoo) and a major plumbing leak. Call it a shitty evening. I did.

I did get this outfit for me for MY birthday. I got the skirt in the linen color and this gorgeous green wrap top (not the pants - an a** this large cannot wear that pattern no matter what). I can't wait to wear it.

The man at my address has several wonderful uncles that I absolutely adore. Uncle Roy being one of those. He is at the present pulling his Airstream camper across Alaska. I blatantly stole these pictures off that blog. Look at the amazing pictures.

The travel rig set up. Road dirt included for free.

He has spent several days at the North Pole - look who he's been visiting. Old Ho - Ho himself. Here is the funniest part. Whenever we are out and about with Roy, people take a second look, kids especially. See the photo below for why.

Yup - Uncle Roy looks like the kindly old gent. Cruise over to his place and let him know what you think.

Have a wonderful afternoon.

See ya'll tomorrow.


Carrie said...

I'm sorry your birthday didn't go so well. Was the Chinese good at least?

see you there! said...

A belated Happy Birthday. Mine was last Sat. (and I'm sure I'm oldest, LOL!

Have a good year whatever the number.


Anonymous said...

Hey, brakes for your truck are an absolute necessity and we're happy that you now have brakes if you need to stop quickly. Ha, Ha. Love the outfit; can't wait to see you model for us. Hope you have many more happy, happy birthdays!

Love you, H & A.