Friday, October 04, 2013


October 4. BOLD Tag number 4 of 31

Today's word. BOLD.  I am.  Are you?

Here's the rundown 

-White cardstock base
- Lots of assorted bright paper strips
-felt and paper flowers embellished with sequins, beads, and bling
-bright colored letter stickers
-a fishing line swivel (yes like you find in a tackle box - don't judge) 
- a brad and a blue acrylic bead
- the hanger is a bit of colorful yarn I saved from "SOMEWHERE" 

BOLD - my immediate first thought was Tracy Porter  - I love her sheer abandon with color and pattern and texture. I wanted the deliberate mix matchy feel to come through on this one. 

I think I got that part right. 

Then I realized that this tag fell on the day, I start the process for rescanning for lovely little demon cancer cells. 

Either way --- I am bold --- and I hope you are too.

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