Monday, October 21, 2013


October 19 - JOY

I actually spent Saturday manning my booth at the craft fair held by Jones Chapel UMC. It was a great day of socializing and selling wares. My sales were ok for the day - and the tags/cards that the youth sold were great performers - thinking there needs to be a continued effort to make tags for that fund raiser.

From my instagram note --- Joy to the world the angels sing.

Stashy bits
- green cardstock tag base
- ornaments cut from a vintage card (kind of a parchment type of paper)
- red and blue glitter accents
- words cut from a spool of ribbon
- the angel accent is a mini tree ornament (lets just say that was a trick to get attached and be okay with that statement.
- the hanger is a green and a silver metallic pipe cleaner twisted together.

and we all sing ------ Joy to the World -------

have a great Monday.

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