Thursday, October 31, 2013


We are here --- I am excited. This project turned out to be so much more than just a fun way to use up stash materials. I learned about me and I learned some new techniques. Let's look at today's tag then I'll be posting about the November version of #stashtags.

Materials -
-cream cardstock tag base.
- simple rose watercolor print from a card top.
- pink letters
- this is the only one with a message on the back - it reads  "deep emotional words often go too long unspoken" ----  its from a mothers day card I sent my mom years ago when things were still quite stormy between us. I am so thrilled this is not the case any longer.
- the hanger is some ribbon Mom gave me from her stash (fitting I thought)

Its a reminder that healing relationships are never too far gone to keep trying - even if the only part you can manage to actually do is secretly Hope and pray.

Now for November ---

It will still be a #stashtags project over at instagram.

I am calling it Heartfelt Thankgivings - since we celebrate Thanksgiving this month.

I will still be making the tags each day. Still decorating them - simply as I like or with a theme if it fits the day. I have based my chosen themes using Ann Voskamp's Joy Dare prompts (you can find a printout for the year here.)

Some I have decided on --- for instance one of the days the prompt is three things government - I'll be looking for a US, state, or local government employee and hand them a decorated tag - thanking them for being someone I am grateful for. Maybe even a little note on the back. I'll blog the reactions here - with the rundown on the tags.

So here is the plan for me - I have my calendar marked. Tonight I will make the November 1 Tag and give it tomorrow sometime - the tags will be heartshaped and embellished. I'll decide who to "target" and in the morning I will instagram and facebook the tag and the theme - after I have given it - I will blog the tag and theme and reaction(s). and yes - in my mind some days there will me more than one tag.

You never know - maybe being nice and recognizing people as blessings can start a NICE revolution.

Please let me know if you are playing along.

Here is my list. and some ideas.

1. food - grocery store or fast food
2. clothing - store or someone who's outfit is inspiring
3.  starts with N -
4. gathered - a farmer or gardener or group of people we gather with
5. small as an acorn -
6. government - I'm thinking a post office worker or local government or local state college employee
7. from my window - maybe a different fast food person - or even my neighbor across the street
8. salty, sweet, or sipped - I do hope there is a waiter bringing me a margarita for this one.
9. harvest - farmers market person maybe
10 Bible or church - pastor - pianist - ss teacher - the lady who types the bulletin
11. Remembering - a veteran or a teacher from you childhood
12 Noon - lunch involved
13 behind a door - somewhere I am going into
14 Silent
15 golden
16. Grace
17 Laughter - not posting here, but I KNOW who gets this one
18 shared
19 Autumn
20 tradition - honor someone who has a recognized tradition with you - aka we always have donuts at the lake for Christmas - let them know how special that has been.
21 family - multiples here
22 grateful - this is a random category - just pick someone to encourage
23 Christ - some one you KNOW Christ put in you life
24 Humble
25 Ugly but beautiful - I will recognize some of my cancer caregivers or other survivors here
26 preparing - this would be an awesome day to recognize special teachers for preparing each lesson
27 held
28 community - maybe a police officer or fire fighter
29 red
30 astonishing - that person who has the "you wont believe this but ......." effect in your life.

Just ideas --- come on let's start a NICE movement. Even if you don't play along - please let me know your thoughts about this little project.

Have a great day.

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