Monday, October 07, 2013


October 7. Tag number 7 of 31 days.

Word 7 - TRUTH

Again - this was easy to illustrate for me. I believe the word of God to be true. 

The material rundown. 

-green cardstock tag base
- an open Bible picture from a greeting card. 
- gold toned alphabet stickers
- a tiny sliver of orange paper
- some russet rick rack trim. 
- a bit of scripture embossed on vellum (cut from the same card as the pretty church picture on the tag from
     day one)
- a scrap of "leather" textured card stock (for the idea of a worn Bible cover)
- my Disciple Bible Study pin. (a serious 38 week Bible Study - I earned that pin)
- the hang tag is from a candle box and of course I saved it for just the right project.

I am enjoying the challenge of coming up with ideas to illustrate these words and then putting it all together. Is it making a dent in the stash ----- not really. But it is still fun. 

If you are playing along - please let me know. 

Have a great day. 

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