Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Today's word - PLAY. I made the tag last night - and I honestly didn't feel a bit like playing. I have been sick for a week. Just the crud , but I am quite miserable. Add to that a tiny bit of a pity party for me and well - the last thing I wanted to do was play.

What I did do was play a couple of rounds of solitaire with real cards - and break out the coloring book and crayons. I'm thinking every responsible adult needs crayons and a coloring book in the mental health stash - I store mine right beside the liquor bottles - just kidding.

Here's the listy
- tan cardstock tag base
- ring around the rosy image cut from an old day planner I had
- "play" snipped from an old reader snagged from the FREE box at habitat reSTORE.
- a QUEEN of clubs cutout off a random playing card (thanks to my clubmate MaryAnn for loving me even when I'm felling quite sorry for me)
- a snippet of aforementioned coloring page.
- the hanger is some old chunky cording stuff. I used to wear this stuff around my pigtails (anybody else remember the stuff?)

quite quick and easy.

Then I hunkered down with my xacto knife and trimmed the edges of the papers on these compostition books.

20 of them ready for emery board sanding around the edges and altering / embellishing.

I bought a paper pack on the clearance aisle at Hobby Lobby and it had a sheet of these old fashioned images in it. (I love it when I can trim these and use them other than on the whole sheet) 

I was cutting them apart and I saw that this sweet little girl image would look good on that top compositioin book. So I grabbed the scrap box and added a couple more paper bits to it. A little glitter star finishes the top of the tree wonderfully.

A bit of trim finishes the area where the paper and the binding meet and this one is done. Love it when the muse is right there at the work table with me.

I love these compostition books and used them even undecorated as journals - here is where I blogged about my most treasured one. (I have received a few really nice leather journals and I record extra special things in them - but these are where you will find the real gritty every day things of my life. Much like the vintage daybooks or farm books that I love to find in flea markets or antiques malls. You may find a shopping list - a to do list - a recipe - or just a jotted note from a church sermon or a quote that resonated with me. Because they are not expensive, I have no problems changing ink colors or scratching through things.)

Thinking about buying one - I have several in my booth at Junk in the Trunk in Athens, GA - and I will have several available at the November 16 artist market in Danielsville,  GA.

Have a great day --- I'm off to see the doctor for my OFFICIAL review of my scans. I already got the unofficial good news.

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