Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Today's word COMFORT - and since I actually make these in the evening before I post them - I'm sick and this is reference to what I am doing to comfort myself. I've got the crud.

Here's the list
-tan cardstock tag base
- a piece of coca cola flannel fabric (I'm in my flannel pj's and drinking coke with ice and a straw - first cola I             have had in months)
- a torn magazine bit -- (yes, I am reading a cheap trashy magazine of the type you  find at the grocery check
            out line - aka STAR)
- a crochet granny square - (I'm on the sofa under a blanket my mama made)
- the little teddy bear is a reference to the 80lb footwarmer on the sofa with me.
- the hanger on this one is a scrap of acrylic yarn very much the same as the blanket I am under.

We are almost done with October ---- I plan to continue the game with Heartfelt Thanksgivings in honor of the Thanksgiving season. These will be tags too - only I'll be using heart shaped ones. I've enjoyed making these so much that I'm going to make me a few more - I may keep the message private in some cases (to protect the guilty - hehe) but I will still be sharing the decorated hearts --- and I have all those left from the wedding chairs to use up anyway.

Also - it is fall show season and I am getting ready for the Holiday Artist Market on November 16 at the Danielsville Courthouse.

Here is the current state of the FLOOR in MaggieGrace world ---- covered composition books drying.

Whoo hoo.

This is a stunning red tree - seems fall is appearing in stages here. I took this on a windshield time trip today.

And we all know that Rusty is mama's dog. Never far from me if I am at home.

Well ------

That is --------

Til this one surprises us and comes home from college ---- Then he abandons his job of keeping my feet warm - to love on his missing buddy.  We were all really glad to see her. 

Have a great afternoon ---- it is a beautiful day.

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