Thursday, October 24, 2013


SPARKLE ---- my eyes are today .

I had rescans as follow up on my Kidney Cancer Road trip on Tuesday. Instructions included drink 48 ounces of water between 6:15 and 6:45 AM. Do not empty your bladder before the test. Then my appointment is at 9:45 AM. ---Upon arrival and registering, I expressed the desire to lodge an official complaint about the Doctors Office location. To get there, I had to cross the train tracks AND two parking lot speed bumps. Can you say miserable? The registrar had absolutely NO sense of humor. Oh - well - I do and it has served me well at times. When I finally got to go to the bathroom, it was the most amazing relief moment.

Late yesterday, I got a text from Sissy who works at the doctors office. Scans look good.

So yesterday there was added SPARKLE in my world. Amazing the coincidence to this being the word. I was not supposed to know anything until next week.

Here's the list of goodies (and a note on those straight lines)
- white cardstock tag base.
- sparkly alphabet stickers
- double stick tape
- black, pink, orange, and blue fine glitter
- the hanger is grey and silver sparkly thread

Now for the glitter lines.

Double stick tape the first strip on the card - I did the orange. Sprinkle with extra fine glitter. I press it along the tape with my fingers. Dump it off and put the excess back in the bottle (touch your nose so you have orange glitter on it.)

Add the next tape strip - mine was the blue. Sprinkle - press - dump. This time touch your chin.

Repeat - process for as many colors and stripes as you like. The colors stay crisp since the glitter covering the tape is not sticky.

Touching your face is very important - because "oh you have a speck of glitter right there" is a great conversation starter. Not that I would know ANYTHING about that...........

I hope you are enjoying this series as much as I am ---- it has challenged me artistically and emotionally at times. I am thinking on continuing this into November. There are plenty of words left on the list. And the things I am in the studio making right now are just repeats for festivals this fall. so this gives me a creative little challenge.

Have a great day --- see you guys tomorrow.

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