Monday, October 28, 2013


October 26 - Beautiful is the word.

I have a beautiful life. And October 26 is my very first re-birthday. On this date 17 years ago I had a lumpectomy of my left breast and was told after that surgery that I didn't have cancer anymore. See I found a lump - I was 31 years old - I had small children - and the doctors tried to reassure me it was nothing. But the needle aspiration showed an "aggressive growth stance" and I insisted that they "get this out of me". Three things stand out through that immediate process --- Dr. Abney prayed over me before the surgery. As I was strapped with my arms straight out by my sides, my last thought before the anesthesia put me out was "I wonder if this is what Jesus felt like. And as I was coming to in recovery Dr. Abney saying "you don't have cancer any more."

My life is full on beautiful. Today and as long as I choose to live fully, it will be.

I'm going with good karma that this word hit on this date........

Now ---- here's the list.

- blue cardstock tag base
- graphite blue-grey sparkly paper (one of my favorite papers ever)
- the laser cut butterfly is from a greeting card (I saw this and just knew it would be wonderful against the
        dark paper)
- the word BEAUTIFUL cut from a greeting card
- satiny purple ribbon makes the hanger.

Simple but wonderfully beautiful.

Have a great afternoon.

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