Friday, October 25, 2013


Today's word --- TOUCH.

Another of the word's that I immediately knew how I was going to put together. I've been putting the bits to choose from for this one in a little dish on my table for several days. Just fun. And there is a story here too. I have to touch yarn in the store - fabric too - and beads hanging in the store - gonna stroke my hand across them. Those things just feel good. My Molly - she is a very tactile person and has a strong opinion about the feel of surfaces. AND SHE HATES THE FEEL OF VELVET (OR ANYTHING THAT HAS THAT PLUSHY FEEL)

So here's the listy of stuff (notes about my thinking too)

- blue cardstock tag base.
- anaglypta wall paper - (love this stuff) these bits were left from wedding prep
- red velvet ribbon bit (just for Molly)
- scrap of copper roof flashing (metallic, and cool to the touch)
- tiny corner of sand paper (scratchy)
- scrap of creamy burlap with fringes left on it (rough and tickly)
- a rolled edging of beads ( I have been hanging onto this for years. When I would run across is it in the bead
        Jar I would rub it much like a worry stone. It is glass beads and has a smooth and yet nubby texture - I
        just liked it.
- the TOUCH was stamped using metal stamps from Harbor Freight Company. (you can feel them as you
        touch the copper stripe too.
- the hanger is satin cording. ( I actually despise to work with this stuff, but had a bunch left from projects
        I think it is like dust bunnies and multiplies in the jar - but is gave me a silky textured something to add
        to the tag.

Now for a few studio glimpses -

These were stacked on my table last night.
The ribbon scrap container
The bling jar
A clear thing of threads
And some seed beads bought as a clearance mix.
A button jar - don't think I even need to explain this do I?

I've used quite a bit of stuffs for the STASHTAGS out of the ribbon scrap container. This is a repurposed clear food container (fresh pineapple from the store). It stays on the table or a nearby surface all the time. As I have ribbon, cording, and lace trimmings left, I plunk them in and pack it down. I also cut the ribbon hangers from the shoulders of sweaters and such and any reusable ribbon packaging bits. Before I cut more for a project, I generally dump this out and paw through it.

The bead and bling jar (I think i first featured this jar here.) This is almost as much fun to play in as a button jar or box. Contains bits of beaded trims. Sequins, all kinds of beads, some fun threads - just stuff) I will never use this all and I keep adding to it because many button boxes wind up having random beads in them.

Then as I was putting things away last night to have a clear space to trace nativity figures on wood blocks, I saw my favorite storage purchase EVER. I bought cases of these stacking bottles/jars. They are hard plastic and have a lip on one side so they stack nicely. I use them for things like you see pictured. Love them and have been on the lookout for more for years, but not seen anything like these again. I have even spent hours on google with NO succcess.

Anyway -- there are you some studio glimpses 

Have a great weekend. Mine includes LOTS of planned studio time. 

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