Monday, October 14, 2013


October 12 - the word is CURIOUS

Sorry - I'm blogging this on Monday, but I played ALL weekend. Not really - I was in the studio and at church and with my mama - and - well, you get the picture. I did post these on the correct day on my instagram.

Now for the fun part -

-This one features my interpretation of lines from Alice in Wonderland and started with a snippet of text from the book.
- tan cardstock tag base.
- crimson velvet ribbon (the Knave of Hearts carried the king's crown on a crimson velvet cushion)
- a vintage wooden checker piece highlighted with gold Rub and Buff to accent the crown image
- a rather large and garish castle button I've been saving for a long time.
- tiny playing cards featuring the King and (a really ugly) Queen of hearts.
- hanger is simple picot edge red ribbon.

This one was quite simply just a fun tag to complete. And I used that hideous button that I had gathered from somewhere.

It also went together quickly.

Have a great week.

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