Monday, October 21, 2013


I am sorry that I got so far behind on posting. I have stayed on the making schedule and these were posted at my Facebook and Instagram pages on schedule. 

October 20 - PRAY

When life's storms swirl around you - pray.

This contains a lot of personally symbolic imagery. I'll try to explain in the list of stuffs. I am familiar with storms - we all are familiar with storms. Unfortunately - some of my reactions to the storms of my life had long term consequences - but with prayer and forgiving of myself and others - I find myself in a much better place today.

Here is the list.
- tan cardstock tag base.
- a picture from an old Ideals Magazine of a woman sitting on a church pew alone, head bowed in prayer.
     (my place was Day Chapel at the Botanical Gardens on the campus of UGA. I wrestled with so many
       things there. It is still a very special place to me. Funny thing is - I have never been inside the chapel. It is
       nestled in the woods on a hillside and there is a rock wall at seat height off to the side looking off that hill
       through the woods. That was my place of solitude. I found peace and acceptance of lots of things
       there. There are other places that give me that kind of feeling. My church sanctuary. Other natural
       environments. Even the woods trail where I most often run. While, I so appreciate the support of others
       The time spent alone with my thoughts and praying is very important as well.)
- Pray - my word was snipped from a scrap of hymnal page.
- beautiful cream colored sheer trim. (a gift from a friend - the satiny embroidered detail looks like swirls to
       me. I had a hard time cutting this, but it just fit what I wanted this card to say. And I am sure that Carrie
       gave me this to USE and not to hoard)
- 5 assorted buttons - the number five is special to me for lots of reasons. these buttons are from my Nanny's
       stash. I have a small baby food jar of them and yes - these I may continue to hoard or used only for
       projects that I am keeping.
- the hanger  - is a simple length of cream satin ribbon.

Some of these tags are simply constructed like this one - with only a  few elements - but each element is carefully chosen to mean something special to me. This project has given me much insight about my psyche. Some of it has been very enlightening. I am gaining understanding into so many things through this and a specific prayer verse our church is focusing on right now.

Hope you have a wonderful day.

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