Friday, October 11, 2013

It's not all been tags.

I have been super busy - with my grown up girl job - church - and some serious studio time.

Lot's has been making tags. But there have been some other things.

I've a batch of angels and/or fairies going too. 

I stamped faces and made the heads. 

Went through scrap papers and punch wings matching sweet faces with wings.

On Wednesday night I gathered three little ones, and a box of buttons.

Dump out the buttons and start the process of dressing these little pretties.

It amazes me how each one quickly defines who they want to be.

Take SUNSET (above) - I started looking for blue and teal buttons - then I ran across that crochet button. I laid it aside because I liked it. Well Miss Sunset up there, she liked it too. She insisted that was absolutely what she was wearing. And since I am the mother of some strong-willed-and opinionated girls (wonder where they got that?), I knew better than to argue with her.

So shades of the sunset she will wear.

The sunset colors are a perfect accent for that tiny bit of red orange in her wings.

Again - I was looking for teals and silvers this sweet friend too. But you see that first round button up there - the glass one with the patina and worn silvering - well she was looking over in the box with me and she squealed when she spied it. THAT ONE ----- I picked it up and turned it over in my hand - the glass button sparkled in the lamplight. She said "I am not Cinderella, my whole dress will be crystal - not just my shoes"

Ok then, your name has to be Crystal, was my response.

Look at the sweet face - yes - she got her way.

Pretty teal blue sparkly wings and a full length crystal dress. (all clear faceted buttons and beads.) She will be beautiful in the window.

The last one I finished last night was this little lovely, I named her Stormy. Not like in destructive storms. She sat there quietly pondering her choices. Building and approaching slowly. When she saw that top button - I heard a little rumble then the flash of lightning as slowly the clouds formed into a wonderful quick little summer type of storm. It's an old black button - slightly dinged - it still had threads in it. I picked it up and asked her if she was sure about this. She said "look at the back". Suddenly I could see what she did. The fading, the still dark spots even those little crazing marks. We agreed - this would make the perfect dress for her. Together we kept looking for the rest of her outfit. It's a little grunge - a little grey mother of pearl classy - just a little extra texture - and then a very simple silver "shoe". I think she looks quite striking. 

It's amazing to me - a tiny sweet face image - a pair of paper wings - a little glass bubble - they take on a personality. I lay her down nearby - start running my hands through the buttons - I pick up this one - then that one - another one - holding them up to her - suddenly - she and both just KNOW - we know the one - THIS ONE - then we add to it and when it is RIGHT we both almost literally dance with the excitement. 

You will find me in the studio ---- dancing with the fairies and angels.

These three fairies, a few more, and some angels will be available at the Jones Chapel UMC craft and yard sale on October 19 - 

Have a great weekend. 

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