Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Today's word ---- CREATE. 

Hmmmm - decisions, decisions. what to do about this one? Everything I make is a creation. I'm inspired to create by people, places, things. Ideas I want to capture. I work in multiple mediums, so there is not a single "passion" 

Then last night, I was working on cards for the youth fundraiser, and decided to simply gather some bits laying around and see if I could describe this thought. 

I have to CREATE. Even if the material options are limited, when the muse shows up, I have to find a way to express what she is telling me. While I try to always have a little bag of crafty bits with me, improvising is one of my favorite ways to work. 
this is a sample of that IMPROVISING - I had an antique shop add that I picked up that day, red cardstock, glue, and scissors were in my bag. I worked with what I had available. The whole process  is blogged here.

Anyway back to the tags - here's the listy on this one. 

-tan cardstock base
- dark green circle die cut from cardstock
- crochet rose - tutorial was found here.
- a bird punch 
- a butterfly punch
- a grungy washer that I picked up in a parking lot somewhere (I cannot help myself, I have to pick them up if I notice them)
- a seashell - some of my favorite inspirations come from Mother Nature herself.
- an ink pen 
- a felt tip marker
- the hangtag is some rayon string that I thrifted because it was green

use what you have in unique ways to make your own special artistic creations. 

Have a great day all. 

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